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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fullamoon Designs Featured on The Handmade Hundred!

Fullamoon Designs has been featured on a brand spanking new site - The Handmade Hundred!  Check it out!

Each day, 12 shops/stores/websites that are turning heads in the handmade world are chosen to "Spotlight". They spotlight what is different, what you won't find at one of those big box stores. In their own unique way, each artist celebrates a taste of their own flair in every product they make. Be sure to check them all out - they are looking to serve you! Holidays are just around the corner!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Chunky Water Marbled Cuff Bracelets

I am excited to introduce Fullamoon Designs' new line of chunky cuff bracelets! The glass cabochon measures a whopping 40x30mm, so these are quite substantial pieces. Chunky, yet dainty with lacy filigree base, these bracelets are the perfect complement to a weekend look with jeans and cowboy boots, a plaid flannel shirt or long cashmere sweater. 

Find your favorite now at!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christmas Water Marbled Designs by Fullamoon Designs

I am gearing up for my Christmas shows this Fall, and though it's warm and muggy out, Christmas colors are dominating my designs!

Tadaa! Here are my Christmas pieces.  

What's that? Orange, pink, blue and yellow aren't Christmas colors? Well, sure they are! 

Each piece begins with at least three colors. I swirled black, sparkly green and a nice shade of red together. When the red hits the water it spreads out and becomes more of a pink. The more paint I use, the darker the colors become. 

Here's one just after it's water dip.

If I painted plain white on the back after the water dip, the red would remain a pinkish color. I could paint it a nice solid red but that would be boring don't you think? I chose neon yellow for kicks. I think it will make the green pop and bring that pinkish red to life. 

Now here's what the front looks like after it dried. WOWZA! Don't you think?

Let's do another one. I water dipped the same exact colors but this time applied hot pink to the back. 

Whoa! I'm loving these combinations.  

I can't wait to turn these into rings, earrings, necklaces and pins! 

I will be bringing these and more gorgeous pieces with me to all my upcoming Christmas shows:

Nov. 7
Seacoast Artisans Fall Show
Frank Jones Center
Portsmouth, NH

Nov. 15
First Annual Holiday Cheer Fair
Danvers, MA/Timothy’s Restaurant Route 1 North

Nov. 21
Salisbury PTA Winter Craft Fair
Salisbury Elementary
Salisbury, MA

Nov. 28th
Sanborn Holiday Craft Fair
Sanborn High
Kingston, NH

Dec. 5
Pine Grove School Holiday Fair
Rowley, MA

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fullamoon Designs' Creative Process

How on Earth do I make these?

It's a question I'm asked over and over again at shows. How do I make these?

My process is fun and messy. But mostly fun. No, I take that back. It's mostly messy. 

First I decide on some color combinations to work with. I find inspiration in the garden, in my wardrobe, in magazines or just plain in my mind. I have water-marbled dreams. Really I do! And I think up some very incredible color combinations. Who would ever think to pair orange and purple with neon yellow? And yet - just look how stunning they come out!

Next, I pick my polish. What kind of finish do I want? Flat? Glossy? Metallic?

I drip some drops in a bowl of water, swirl 'til my heart's content, then dip the glass into the paint.

The first pic above shows how they look during the middle stage. Once these have dried, I choose yet another color to hand- paint the back. If I choose white, the colors really pop! If I choose black, they turn to a sophisticated, moody piece. And all the colors in-between will totally change the look of the final cabochon. Sometimes only a bright neon will do!

I hand make my curly bails out of colored wire, choose a cord color, slide the pendant on, and Voila!

Enjoy the pics below and check out my Etsy page to see see how some of these lovelies turned out.

Or you can see them in person! Fullamoon Designs will be exhibiting once again at the Haverhill Art Market on Saturday, July 25th 12noon - 4:00pm at 90 Washington Street in downtown Haverhill, MA next to The Tap.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fullamoon Designs was at Haverhill Art Market: Scenes from June 27th

Fullamoon Designs at Haverhill Art Market

CLICK HERE to view some of the gorgeous artwork available!

Thank you to Linda Germain for this great little video of some sights from the most recent Haverhill Art Market.

Next date is Saturday, July 25th 12noon - 4pm 90 Washington Street Haverhill, MA next to The Tap.

Free parking around back!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fullamoon Designs Water Marbled Earrings Extravaganza!

Full speed ahead!

My clip-on "Cute as a Button" earrings are a hit! 

I am having a ball both creating and selling my water marbled artwork. 

I was accepted into my first juried craft show on May 2nd and did very well at the Seacoast Artisans Spring Fine Arts & Crafts Show. The Frank Jones Center was a beautiful facility to exhibit at, and I will be returning for their November 7th Show in the Fall. 

On Saturday, June 27th, I will be exhibiting some of my work at the new Haverhill Art Market at 90 Washington Street in Haverhill, MA 12noon - 4pm. Some of the areas finest artists will also be there, including the show coordinators, Gerrie Maffris ( and Justin Gordon ( I am so excited and very honored to have been selected to participate in one of their Saturday shows.

So that brings me to my earring extravaganza! This weekend I concentrated on creating some of the finest earrings I've made. Here's a sneak peek of how they looked in development:

You may find a few pairs of these on my Etsy page, but if you want to see how gorgeous the rest of them came out, you'll have to find me at a show! I am always looking for new venues to display and sell my work, so follow Fullamoon Designs on Facebook, and I'll keep you informed of where I'll be next!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

DIY Craft Show Display Shelves Using Foam Board

I have a craft fair coming up and was panicked I didn't have any shelving units to add some height to my table. I searched and searched online for an affordable unit or a template to make one myself. I found nothing of the sort, and to purchase one is not in the cards for me right now. 

I needed something lightweight, easily transportable and quick to erect and dismantle.

I found a photo online of a plexiglass unit that I used for my inspiration and designed one myself! I am pleased with the result, and I will share it with you!

I wanted my shelves to be about 6" deep with at least 3" between them vertically. I created this mini version to make sure it worked (1" = 6"). It took a couple of tries, but I got it just right. It measures 12" tall and is 18" deep - perfect for a craft fair table! I may make one for each side of the table.

For this unit I could have used white foam board but chose black instead. I found 22" x 28" foam board in the stationery department at KMart for about $3.00 each. One unit uses 2 sheets.

You will need:
2 sheets of 22" x 28" foam board
Sharp Exacto knife
Long, sharp scissors (for cleaning up edges)
Cardboard to protect surface under foam board while you cut

Here's the template I made:

Even though my Exacto knife had a new, sharp blade, I still had a difficult time with it. Towards the end of my project I discovered if I sawed up and down as I followed the line, the foam board was less likely to tear - a shame really to have struggled through almost to the end. My second one will go much smoother and not have such jagged edges. I will probably hit the edges with some black paint or "something" to smooth out the edges. Perhaps some black duct tape? We'll see.

You want to make sure your slots are the same width as the thickness of your foam board. This looks messy, but it's not visible once the shelf is in place.

All my pieces are cut out (and cleaned up around the edges with my scissors as best I could). Time to piece it together! Very gently wiggle the pieces together until they are all snug and in place. You should not have to jam them in place, but there should be a little bit of resistance between the pieces so it holds together firmly with no wiggles.

I am so excited to try my new displays out. They only cost me about $12.00 and a few hours of my time. They are lightweight, portable and lay flat when not in use. 

I hope this post helps someone out. Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hey Now, You're a Rock Starlet!

I used the Gwen Stefani Rock Starlets Mini Collection for OPI to water marble these rings and pendant necklace. Match your nail color with Hey Baby, I Sing in Color, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and 4 in the Morning!

To get your hands on these beautiful pieces and more, visit

Get Your Grey On!

I used the Fifty Shades of Grey Mini Collection by OPI to water marble these rings and pendant necklace. Match your nail color with My Silk Tie, Dark Side of the Mood, Romantically Involved, Embrace the Gray, Shine for Me and Cement the Deal.

To get these beautiful pieces in your hands, visit

Monday, February 2, 2015

Water Marbled Jellyfish Pendants! by Fullamoon Designs

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever."
- Jacques Cousteau

 These graceful animals of the sea have landed upon the jetty in Newburyport after a powerful February Nor’easter. I swirled the polish in the salty waves, and when the jellyfish appeared I captured them under glass. Don’t mind the sea urchin – he’s just hanging out with the jellies!

Hey everyone, I've entered another Lilly D's Craft contest and need your vote, as part of the judging is based on how many "Likes" I receive. I won $100 first prize in the first contest, and received a $20 gift certificate for creativity in the second contest. I am hoping to place in this contest as well to get the word out about my new Sea Creatures collection. Can you help me? Click below to vote!

Click here to vote for Fullamoon's entry!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fullamoon Designs' Handpainted Jewelry Workshop

Here is what my workshop looks like. It's nice and sunny during the day by the slider. 

Just look at all these lovelies I've painted today! I am excited to see how they all turn out. 

Here's a closeup of my latest design. Can you see what it is?

The next step is to choose a color for the back. I take my time with this step because it can make or break my design on the front. White really makes the colors pop, but black gives a moody, sophisticated look. I've even experimented with neon colors, which are fun because they morph the colors already on the glass and transform them to fun, psychedelic pieces to wear. They even glow under a black light!

So, what color would YOU choose for my jellyfish?

Day 2, and here they are with painted backs and bails applied. Now just the finishing touch-ups and cords are all that's needed.

Want to see how they all came out?

Please visit my Etsy page to get your hands on these and more designs.

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