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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christmas Water Marbled Designs by Fullamoon Designs

I am gearing up for my Christmas shows this Fall, and though it's warm and muggy out, Christmas colors are dominating my designs!

Tadaa! Here are my Christmas pieces.  

What's that? Orange, pink, blue and yellow aren't Christmas colors? Well, sure they are! 

Each piece begins with at least three colors. I swirled black, sparkly green and a nice shade of red together. When the red hits the water it spreads out and becomes more of a pink. The more paint I use, the darker the colors become. 

Here's one just after it's water dip.

If I painted plain white on the back after the water dip, the red would remain a pinkish color. I could paint it a nice solid red but that would be boring don't you think? I chose neon yellow for kicks. I think it will make the green pop and bring that pinkish red to life. 

Now here's what the front looks like after it dried. WOWZA! Don't you think?

Let's do another one. I water dipped the same exact colors but this time applied hot pink to the back. 

Whoa! I'm loving these combinations.  

I can't wait to turn these into rings, earrings, necklaces and pins! 

I will be bringing these and more gorgeous pieces with me to all my upcoming Christmas shows:

Nov. 7
Seacoast Artisans Fall Show
Frank Jones Center
Portsmouth, NH

Nov. 15
First Annual Holiday Cheer Fair
Danvers, MA/Timothy’s Restaurant Route 1 North

Nov. 21
Salisbury PTA Winter Craft Fair
Salisbury Elementary
Salisbury, MA

Nov. 28th
Sanborn Holiday Craft Fair
Sanborn High
Kingston, NH

Dec. 5
Pine Grove School Holiday Fair
Rowley, MA

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