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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wire Wrapped Cabochon Glass Necklace Pendant

I am doing my best to come up wth a wiring technique that works for me. This was a difficult one and I think I got a little carried away with the curly wire, but I like it just the same. I made it for my sister. I hope she loves it.

This wire is from a local craft store. It is 20 gauge gun metal color and is easy to twist and work with. It comes in many colors that I'm excited to try. However, I have read online reviews that say the colored wires peel. That makes sense considering all the bending and twisting, especially for a newbie. When I try it out it will have to be on very simple, straight-forward designs.  I have noticed myself that this wire mars easily. I wonder if 16 gauge wire would be better.

This design is a combination of tutorials I found on YouTube and my own silly idea of wrapping the extra wire ends around a screwdriver. I don't have all the right tools yet, but it certainly makes the job easier when you do use the right tools. I get a little more each time I shop, and my designs become a little more refined.