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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fullamoon Designs' Creative Process

How on Earth do I make these?

It's a question I'm asked over and over again at shows. How do I make these?

My process is fun and messy. But mostly fun. No, I take that back. It's mostly messy. 

First I decide on some color combinations to work with. I find inspiration in the garden, in my wardrobe, in magazines or just plain in my mind. I have water-marbled dreams. Really I do! And I think up some very incredible color combinations. Who would ever think to pair orange and purple with neon yellow? And yet - just look how stunning they come out!

Next, I pick my polish. What kind of finish do I want? Flat? Glossy? Metallic?

I drip some drops in a bowl of water, swirl 'til my heart's content, then dip the glass into the paint.

The first pic above shows how they look during the middle stage. Once these have dried, I choose yet another color to hand- paint the back. If I choose white, the colors really pop! If I choose black, they turn to a sophisticated, moody piece. And all the colors in-between will totally change the look of the final cabochon. Sometimes only a bright neon will do!

I hand make my curly bails out of colored wire, choose a cord color, slide the pendant on, and Voila!

Enjoy the pics below and check out my Etsy page to see see how some of these lovelies turned out.

Or you can see them in person! Fullamoon Designs will be exhibiting once again at the Haverhill Art Market on Saturday, July 25th 12noon - 4:00pm at 90 Washington Street in downtown Haverhill, MA next to The Tap.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fullamoon Designs was at Haverhill Art Market: Scenes from June 27th

Fullamoon Designs at Haverhill Art Market

CLICK HERE to view some of the gorgeous artwork available!

Thank you to Linda Germain for this great little video of some sights from the most recent Haverhill Art Market.

Next date is Saturday, July 25th 12noon - 4pm 90 Washington Street Haverhill, MA next to The Tap.

Free parking around back!