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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fullamoon Designs Hand Painted Original Jewelry

Too much fun! Said nobody. Ever.

As if they weren't gorgeous enough during the day, I went ahead and made some that will rock your nights when you're out clubbing, rollerskating, at glow bowl or a Halloween party! 

Here's what they look like during the day:

Please visit my Etsy page to get your hands on these and more designs.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Handpainted Water Marbled Jewelry by Fullamoon Designs

I have been up to so much and have lots to share. Over the past few months I've been perfecting my technique of water marbling glass cabochons and creating the most interesting pieces!

I opened a shop on Etsy and also created a Facebook page. I was graciously invited by my hairdresser to share her booth space at a local craft fair and to display some of my work in her salon! 

I have learned to create my own bails out of wire as shown in this pic:

I received my first request to make a set of matching earrings and necklace for a special occassion! Don't you just love how they came out?

I am having fun creating all of these pieces.  It's the perfect outlet for my creativity after a long week at work, and making a little "dough"-re-mi on the side is a rush! My next move is to step out of my comfort zone and approach some artsy store owners to carry my jewelry. 

Please visit my Etsy page to see the beautiful things I've been up to.

Also, visit Fullamoon Designs' Facebook page! See you there!