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Monday, May 26, 2014

I've Opened a Shop on Etsy!

I am excited to announce I have listed many items in my Etsy shop. I am having fun painting and coming up with fun ideas. My latest creations are these boxes.  They are the perfect size for a small gift (no wrapping paper or bow needed!), trinkets on a bureau or just for decoration on a coffee table.

I am working on Christmas ornaments as well and will share them in my next post. I'll give you a hint: they look like candy! 

Here's the link to my shop:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Surprise! It's NOT Soap!

I have been wracking my brain for months trying to come up with a creative outlet. I need to create. I need to make cool things. But soaping was expensive, took up a lot of space in my kitchen and I just no longer have the time or energy to suit up, mix, measure, swirl, pour and wait for soap to cure. I still love my homemade soaps and will make them for special occasions, but for now I will try dumping some soapy supplies on eBay and begin exploring other creative outlets to share with you.

So...if the photo at the top of this post is not soap, then what is it? It's marbleized coasters!

I have had an obsession with marbleizing my nails since last summer. The tutorials on YouTube are mesmerizing. And there's no wrong way to do it, which is a beautiful thing! I decided to try the application on something else. Voila! 

I filled a square plastic container with water and plopped droplets of nail polish on the surface, swirled it a bit, dipped the tiles in upside down and ended up with the most beautiful designs! After they dried, I sprayed on high gloss acrylic sealer. Now I just have to glue some cork on the bottom and I'm done.

Top three things I love about this project:

Useful item
Short money (the tiles were only .16 at Home Depot)
Instant gratification

Don't you just love it? I look forward to sharing my how-tos and other fun ideas with you!

Here are some close-ups:

Psychedelic Magnets for Refrigerator

Here are some psychedelic water marbled magnets I made using the same technique as the coasters. They are so much fun to make, and the results are unexpected! The designs change dramatically depending on what color you coat the back with. Some of these are white on back, and some of them are black, but you could paint any color. You can make them in fun primary colors or really rich, sophisticated decorator colors. I love using a bit of metallic nail polish to make them pop. Hmm...I might have to start making jewelry like this!

I am hoping to sell some on eBay. I've given some away, and the recipients are delighted! What a beautiful hostess gift. Or for a student with a locker. Or for work, a stocking stuffer, Easter basket, grab bag gift, etc.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Water Marbled Planters - Hello, Spring!

Using the very same technique as water marbling magnets or tiles for coasters, I decided to try my hand at marbling other items like these plain, ceramic bowls I found at the Salvation Army yesterday. They are nice and thick, and I thought they'd make cool planters out on my back porch. They are addictingly FUN to make, so I think my porch will be full of them by Summertime!

After marbleing, I sprayed a couple of thin coats of clear gloss enamel. 

Now when I go treasure hunting at flea markets and yard sales, I will be looking for other things to marble! I'd like to find a ceramic trinket box with a lid next. Wouldn't that be neat?