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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fun Facts for Fullamoon Fans

My name is Laurie, and I live in the far Northeast corner of Massachusetts. On weekdays I am an office worker, but on the weekend I dive into creating these fantastic one-of-a-kind works of art that you can wear!

Fullamoon Designs all began one Saturday morning, sitting in my hairdresser's chair waiting for my color to develop while reading a decorating magazine. There was a craft article about water marbling fabric. Now I had been searching for years (yes, years - I am not exaggerating!) for the perfect accent pillows for my living room, and just couldn't find the right style, fabric or colors. I'd rather have no pillows at all than throw my money at something I didn't really love looking at. Anyway, when I found this article about marbling fabric, I thought, "Eureka! I'll make my own!" I bought everything I needed including the Carrageen, Methocel, ammonia, paint and canvas fabric. I researched online some more about setting up the process of marbling the fabric and kept running into water marble nail videos. If you haven't seen one yet, just go to YouTube and search "water marble nails". You're in for a treat!

I found myself even more intrigued by the nail enamel marbling than I was for the fabric marbling, and tried the technique on tiles for coasters, planter pots, small gift boxes and even glass magnets. The magnets were a hit, and my husband suggested I make something that I could wear. He held a magnet up to my neck and said "Like that. You should make something you can actually wear."

Once I started making them, I was hooked! It is such a creative outlet for me. It was getting out of hand when I had accumulated more than 100 pieces of jewelry. I gave it away, I blogged about it, I sold some at local craft shows. Who'd have thought I'd be opening an online shop?

So that's my "How I Got Into This" story. Now here are some fun personal facts about myself, if you're interested:

1. I like to play the keyboard. Although I think I'm pretty good, I cannot play in front of people other than my two boys (17 and 21) and my husband.

2. I can make soap from scratch.

3.  "Fullamoon" is a nickname my Papa Vespa called me as a chubby little girl. Now say it with a thick, Italian accent FULLaMOON and you've got it!

4. I'm in an arranged marriage. Well, not really. But our moms did introduce us. And thank God they did! We've been happily married for 26 years. I am C-R-A-Z-Y about my husband! He's a cute one, too. You can probably find him in my Facebook profile pic. Go ahead. I'll wait. I don't mind.

5. I live very close to the beach, but I hate going there. Yes, I really do. I get sticky, sandy, windblown, chewed by sand fleas and the water is freezing! The only condition I will agree to go is if it's after supper so I don't get sunburned, the tide is low so the seashells are visible and there is at least one tide pool to wade through. If the sun, moon and all the planets are in alignment, like maybe once a year, I'll go. But that's it.

6. I can juggle. Yes I know all moms juggle things - work, kids, relationships - but I mean balls. Or apples. Or oranges. But not eggs. Because I'm allergic to eggs.

7. I love to decorate. It takes me a while to get it right but I love the whole process. I've been decorating this house for 8 years now. I've only made a small dent, but it's fun.

8. I'm a night owl. Who-o-o, who-o-o! During the week I try to get my rest, though, because I work in a print shop by day.

9. I am a Maxxonista. I love shopping for clothes at T. J. Maxx.

10. That Carrageen, Methocel, ammonia, paint and fabric? It's still in the box. And I still don't have pillows!

And one for good luck. Here is my Etsy shop, and here is my FaceBook page.